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Fix in Scope

Most of quick-fixes can fix the current issue under the caret, but some of them (e.g. Remove unused directives, Make field read-only, Remove redundant cast, etc.) can also automatically find and fix issues in a larger scope - in the current file, in the current project or in the whole solution.

Applying fix in scope

You can recognize such fix by a small arrow displayed next to it in the action list.

Scalable quick-fix

To apply fix in scope

  1. Set the caret to a code issue highlighted by a JetBrains Rider's inspection.
  2. Press Alt+Enter or click on the action indicator to the left of the caret to open the action list.
  3. Choose a quick fix that you want to apply.
  4. Click on the arrow to right of the quick-fix or press the right arrow key to expand the list of available scopes. If there is no arrow to the right of a quick-fix, then this quick-fix only applies locally.
  5. Select the scope for the quick-fix to apply and click on it or press Enter.

If necessary, you can undo all that was changed in these files with a single command: choose Edit | Undo in the main menu or press Ctrl+Z.

Fixing inconsistent naming in scope

The quick-fix that fixes inconsistent naming, calls the Rename refactoring to make sure that all occurrences of the symbol are renamed in your solution.

Quick-fix for naming style violation

Therefore, when you choose to fix naming in a wider scope, JetBrains Rider displays an additional dialog where you can select items to rename:

Fix in scope: bulk rename

List of quick-fixes that can be applied in wider scope

The full list of quick-fixes that can be applied in wider scopes includes:


  • Add 'override' specifier to an overriding function
  • Add 'template' keyword
  • Add 'typename' keyword
  • Change smart pointer to make function
  • Delete redundant specifier
  • Delete redundant typename template keywords keyword
  • Join declaration and assignment
  • Make member function 'const'
  • Make member function 'static'
  • Remove all unused #include directives in file
  • Remove redundant 'else' keyword
  • Remove redundant parentheses
  • Remove redundant qualifier
  • Remove statement
  • Remove unreachable code
  • Rename to ''
  • Replace expression with 'false'
  • Replace expression with 'nullptr'
  • Replace import directive Fix slashes in import file path
  • Replace throw with rethrow
  • Replace with prefix operator
  • Sort member initializers by the order of initialization




  • Rename to ''


  • Add explicit 'null'
  • Add missing comma
  • Add/change quotes
  • Convert to template string
  • Fix property name
  • Json schema incompatibilities
  • Make all variables from this list block-scope
  • Move variable '' to inner block
  • Remove unexpected comma
  • Rename to ''
  • Terminate all unterminated statements in file



  • Add/change quotes


  • Change public modifier to conform style
  • Change to ECMAScript 6 'export default'
  • Convert cast to 'as' operator
  • Convert to ECMAScript 6 import statement
  • Fix relative path style
  • Js2 ts transformation
  • Remove redundant qualifier
  • Remove redundant reference comment
  • Remove redundant type specification
  • Remove unused 'import'
  • Specify '' explicitly
  • Specify variable type explicitly
Last modified: 27 December 2017

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