JetBrains Rider 2017.2 Help

Show History for Folder Dialog

VCS | Local History | Show History

Use this dialog to explore changes to a folder. There are two views in this dialog:

History view

The History view shows a list of folder revisions (states), each one being supplied with a time stamp, revision number, and an indication of the action that resulted in that state.

rollback Click this button to revert the selected action.
iconCreatePatch Click this button to create a patch based on the selected local version.
icon help Click this button to open the corresponding help topic.

Changes view

The Changes view shows the differences between the current state and the one selected in the History view. The differences are shown as a tree of changed (new, modified and deleted) files and subfolders.

icon showDiff Ctrl+D Click this button to show the differences between the current local version and the one selected in the History view. Alternatively, double-click the current local version in the Changes view.
rollback With a file selected in the Changes view, click this button to roll back the selected action.
directory Ctrl+Shift+Space Click this button to show changed files as a tree view of folders. If this button is not pressed, the files are shown as a flat list.
expandAll or collapseAll Ctrl+NumPad Plus or Ctrl+NumPad Minus Click these buttons to have all nodes expanded or collapsed. These buttons are only available when the changed files are shown as a tree view.
iconSelectAll Ctrl+A Click this button to select all the files in the list or a tree view.
find1 Ctrl+F In this area, type the search string. Note also that speed search is available in the Changes pane.
clear Click this button to clear the search area.
Last modified: 27 December 2017