JetBrains Rider 2017.2 Help


JetBrains Rider brings powerful XML editing support that includes:

  • Validation and syntax highlighting.
  • Code completion (Ctrl+Space).
  • Indentation (Ctrl+Alt+I, Ctrl+Alt+Enter).
  • Formatting (Ctrl+Alt+Enter) according to the XML code style.
  • Intention actions (Alt+Enter).
  • Viewing code structure (Ctrl+Alt+7).
  • Navigation in the source code (F12).
  • Integrated documentation (Ctrl+Shift+F1).
  • Search for usages (Shift+F12).
  • Commenting and uncommenting lines (Ctrl+Alt+/, Ctrl+Shift+/).
  • Unwrapping and removing tags (Ctrl+Shift+Delete).
  • Generating schemas from instance documents and vice versa.
  • Generating DTD files.

Last modified: 27 December 2017