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Comparing Folders

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JetBrains Rider provides a dedicated Differences Viewer for Foldersfor comparing files in two folders against the file size, content, or timestamp. The Differences Viewer shows the contents of the selected directories in the left and right panes of the Item List. The contents of the selected file are shown in the lower pane, with the differences being color-highlighted.

Besides exploring differences, the tool also provides interface for synchronizing the contents of folders.

Opening the Difference Viewer

Do one of the following:

  • Keeping the Ctrl key pressed, click two directories in the Solution tool window, and choose Tools | Compare Directories from the context menu of the selection, or press Ctrl+D.
  • Select a directory in the Solution tool window, choose Compare with from the context menu of the selection, or press Ctrl+D, and then select the second directory in the dialog that opens.

Comparing two folders in the Difference Viewer

  1. Configure the layout of the Items List. Use the toolbar buttons to narrow down or widen the set of items to show. For example, show or hide files that exist in just one of the directories, equal files, or different files, etc.
  2. Specify the parameter for comparison. In the Compare by drop-down list, select one of the possible options (contents, size, or time stamp).
  3. Filter the folders' contents. To do that, type filtering string in the Filter text field, and press Enter to apply it. Using the asterisk * wildcard to represent any number of characters is welcome.
  4. To switch to another pair of folders to compare, update the fully qualified paths to them. Click the Browse button browseButton next to the Paths read-only fields and choose the required folders in the dialog box that opens.
  5. Explore the detected differences between files in the Differences Pane.
    Comparing folders

Synchronizing contents of folders

  1. For each pair of items, in the * field specify the action to apply. Click the icon in the field until the required action is set.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To synchronize the currently selected item, click the Synchronize Selected button debug resume on the toolbar.
    • To synchronize all the items, click the Synchronize All button rerun on the toolbar.
Last modified: 19 April 2018

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