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Code Inspections in JavaScript

In JavaScript, JetBrains Rider 2017.3 provides two kinds of code inspections: 2 inspections that detect errors such as broken syntax, unresolved symbols, compiler errors, etc. (you cannot configure or disable any of these inspections), and 109 proprietary code inspections, any of which you can disable or change its severity level.
These code inspections help you detect code issues in design time in all open files, and additionally they allow you to find code issues in specific scope.

Configurable JavaScript inspections are listed below, grouped by their categories.

Code Style (5 inspections)

Inspections in this category detect violations of code style rules. In contrast to the rest of code inspections, these inspections can either detect the same code construct as a code issue or not depending on the corresponding code style rule configured in the Editor | Code Style | [Language] pages of JetBrains Rider settings. You can also fix issues that these inspection detect, using code cleanup. For more information, see Code Style and Cleanup.
InspectionDefault Severity
Function is used before it is declared Disabled
Function is used outside of scope which it is declared Warning
Non-compliant quotes around string literal Hint
Variable is used in inner scope before it is declared Warning
Variable is used outside of scope which it is declared Warning

Common Practices and Code Improvements (3 inspections)

This category groups inspections that hunt for medium severity issues that mainly affect code readability.
InspectionDefault Severity
Join local variable declaration and assignment Suggestion
Statement termination doesn't match code style Warning
Use of future reserved word Warning

Constraints Violations (1 inspection)

This category includes code inspections, mostly with the warning severity level, which detect violations related to symbol attributes, including JetBrains Rider's code annotations, and other similar issues.
InspectionDefault Severity
Inconsistent Naming Warning

Language Usage Opportunities (9 inspections)

This category includes code inspections, mostly with the suggestion severity level, which notify you when more advanced language constructs can be used. These inspections detect syntax of outdated language versions and suggest using features from more modern language versions. For most of the supported languages, language version can be detected automatically or set manually.
InspectionDefault Severity
A serie of undefined-checks for properties may be replaced by a destructuring Hint
Intermediate local variable is redundant and may be safely inlined Hint
Intermediate local variable is redundant because it may be replaced with a destructuring swap expression Hint
Local variable can be safely moved to inner block Hint
String concatenation may be converted to template string Hint
Subsequent indexers in object literal fields may be simplified using a destructuring Hint
Subsequent indexers may be replaced by a destructuring declaration or assignment Hint
'var' variable can be made 'let' variable Hint
Variable can be made constant Hint

Potential Code Quality Issues (68 inspections)

This category includes inspections that detect critical issues (code smells), mostly with Error or Warning level. This category also includes inspections that ensure localization assistance.
InspectionDefault Severity
'?:' expression has identical true and false branches Warning
A trailing element of an array is elided Warning
Assignment to a variable inside a conditional statement Warning
Assignment to an implicitly declared global variable Warning
Assignment to constant Error
Cannot resolve symbol Warning
Closure on a variable modified in loop of outer scope Warning
Comma is expected in object literal Error
Comma is not valid here Error
Comparison of 'typeof' expression with incorrect value Warning
Condition is always constant Warning
Constructor call is not used or possibly used for side-effects Warning
Declaration hides another declaration from an outer scope Hint
Duplicate property declaration Warning
Duplicate switch label Warning
ECMAScript 2015 feature usage when in ES 5 or lower Error
ECMAScript 2016 feature usage when in ES 2015 or lower Error
Error in Xml doc comment reference Error
Experimental feature usage when language level set to stable Error
Expression is always constant Warning
Expression is expected after 'throw' statement Error
Extending prototype of native object Warning
Heuristically unreachable code Warning
Illegal syntax in XML code comment Warning
'import' keyword is not allowed here. Error
Inconsistent function returns Warning
Invalid JSON syntax Error
Invocation of non-function expression Warning
Invoked expression is not a function value Warning
JSON validation failed Error
Lexical declaration can only be declared inside a block. Error
Local function is redefined later Warning
L-value expected error Error
Misuse of 'this' qualifier in inner function Warning
Multiple declarations in 'for in' error Error
Non-assigned constant Error
Non-parenthesized object destructuring assignment cannot be used in an expression statement Error
Not all code paths return a value Warning
Object property declaration is expected Error
Overwriting prototype of native object Warning
Parameter name 'arguments' clashes with pre-defined JS function-scope variable Warning
Parameter value is not used Warning
Path for reference comment not found Error
Possible mistake: ambiguous lambda block and object literal Warning
Property getter cannot have parameters Error
Property setter must have a single parameter Error
Qualifier can be 'null' or 'undefined' Warning
Qualifier is 'null' or 'undefined' Warning
Redeclaration of let/const Error
Return statement with a value in the global scope Warning
Similar expressions comparison Warning
Statement is possibly incorrectly broken by a newline Warning
'super' must be called before accessing 'this' in the constructor of a derived class. Error
Suspicious expression statement Warning
There is no .hasOwnProperty() check in a body of 'for in' loop. This will cause an enumeration of prototype properties Warning
Trailing redundant comma in object properties list may be error Warning
Triple-slash directives are only valid at the top of the file Warning
Usage of possibly unassigned local variable Warning
Usage of unassigned local variable Warning
Use 'break' or 'continue' outside of loop body Warning
Use of expression after break or continue Error
Use of implicitly declared global variable Warning
Use of possibly unassigned property or global variable Hint
Use of 'this' in global context Warning
Using of 'arguments.caller' and 'arguments.callee' Warning
Using of coerced equality (using of coerced equality operator with 'null' or 'undefined') Disabled
Using of coerced equality (using of coerced equality operator) Warning
Variable is used before it is declared Warning

Redundancies in Code (4 inspections)

Code inspections in this category look for redundancies and dead code, which affect code readability and style, and could be safely removed. Some code redundancies cannot be fixed automatically, and quick-fixes for them are performed in the interactive mode, requiring the user input. But the majority of the redundancies can be fixed without user interaction, using either fix in scope or code cleanup.
InspectionDefault Severity
Assigned value is never used Warning
Redundant block Warning
Redundant empty finally block Warning
Unreachable code Warning

Redundancies in Symbol Declarations (10 inspections)

This category includes code inspections, mostly with the warning severity level, which detect empty and unused symbol declarations.
InspectionDefault Severity
Assignment of a local variable to itself is redundant Warning
Duplicate local declaration Warning
Redundant 'else' block Warning
Redundant local class name Hint
Redundant local function name Hint
Type or member is never used (non-private accessibility) Suggestion
Unused local variable / function / class Warning
Unused parameter Warning
Unused parameter of inherited member Hint
Unused property or function Warning

Strict mode violations (9 inspections)


InspectionDefault Severity
Calling 'delete' on non-qualified identifier in 'strict mode' Error
Duplicate parameter declaration in 'strict mode' Error
Duplicate property declaration in 'strict mode' Error
Octal literals and escape sequences using in 'strict mode' Error
Using of 'arguments.caller' and 'arguments.callee' in 'strict mode' Error
Using of 'eval'/'arguments' name in 'strict mode' Error
Using of future reserved keywords in 'strict mode' Error
Using of undeclared global variable Warning
Using of 'with' statements in 'strict mode' Error
Last modified: 19 April 2018