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Code Inspection: Namespace does not correspond to file location

By default, JetBrains Rider assumes that the namespace each class appears in matches its location in the project. The ‘root’ namespace for the project is defined in the project properties:

JetBrains Rider code inspection: Namespace does not correspond to file location

As a result of the above, all code elements at the project level are expected to appear in the Nancy.Embedded namespace, and a warning will be issued otherwise.

Namespaces are made deeper with the introduction of folders. A folder called Conventions will necessitate all items it contains to appear in the Nancy.Embedded.Conventions namespace. However, there are cases where you do not need the folder to append an extra namespace element. In such cases, you can select the folder and open its properties. Then, clear the Namespace Provider checkbox.

JetBrains Rider: 'Namespace provider' property of a project folder

The folder will no longer influence the namespace of elements it contains, and JetBrains Rider will not issue suggestions accordingly.

Last modified: 20 August 2018

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