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Finding Usages of a Symbol

Edit | Find | Find Usages

This command allows finding all usages of a specific symbol in the solution. You can start the search from the declaration of the symbol or from any other usage.

To find usages of a symbol

  1. Place the caret on a symbol in the editor or select the symbol in the Structure tool window.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the main menu, choose Edit | Find | Find Usages.
    • Right-click and choose Find Usages in the context menu.
    • Press Shift+F12.
  3. If a single usage is found, JetBrains Rider will navigate you to the usage directly in the editor. Two or more search results will be shown in the Find Results window, where you can conveniently explore and analyze the usages.
Navigation and Search Finding Usages Find Usages one and several

Finding usages of generic types

When searching for usages of generic types such as IFoo<string>, you may actually want to find either all usages of IFoo<> or usages of the exact generic substitution IFoo<string> only.

By default, JetBrains Rider allows you to disambiguate the search results by showing an additional popup.

Last modified: 20 August 2018

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