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Code Inspections in CoffeeScript



Default Severity

Unused local symbols

Checks CoffeeScript parameter, local variable, function, classes and private member declarations to be usedin given file scope.

'switch' statement with no default branch

This inspection reports any switch statements in CoffeeScript content whichlack default branches. Such statementsmay result in difficult bugs, if unexpected cases are silently ignored.

Infinite loop statement

This inspection reports any instances of for , while ,or do statements whichcan only exit by throwing an exception. While such statements may be correct, theyare often a symptom of coding errors.

Variable is assigned to itself

This inspection reports any assignments of the form x = x in CoffeeScript content. These are pointless,and usually indicate programmer error.

Literal is not a function

This inspection reports when literal expression used as function call.


Signature mismatch

Checks CoffeeScript called function arguments

Weak warning

Arguments object outside function

Checks if arguments object used outside function


Missing import statement

Checks that all modules are referenced through import statements.

Suggests inserting the import statement.

Weak warning

Last modified: 21 December 2018