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Code Inspection: Parameter type can be IEnumerable<T> (non-private accessibility)

This is a solution-wide code inspection. It only works when the solution-wide analysis is enabled.

If you have a method whose parameter is an array, a List, or some other type that implements IEnumerable<T>, JetBrains Rider offers an option to change the parameter type to IEnumerable<T> — provided that the method itself only iterates the collection and does not access any non-IEnumerable members.

The benefit from this change is that the method becomes agnostic with respect to the type of the collection you pass to it.

Suboptimal code

After the quick-fix

public void ViewCategories(IList<string> categories) { foreach (var c in categories) { Console.WriteLine(c); } }

public void ViewCategories(IEnumerable<string> categories) { foreach (var c n categories) { Console.WriteLine(c); } }

Last modified: 21 December 2018

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