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Structure window

View | Tool Windows | Structure

This window displays the structure of the document in the active editor editor tab. The window is synchronized with the editor editor. As you switch to another editor editor tab, the window displays the structure of the corresponding file.


From the Structure window, you can:

Toolbar Controls




icon sort alphabetically

Sort Alphabetically

Changes the structure view so that all symbols in the current document appear in the alphabetical order.

ThemedIcon ExpandAll Screen Gray ThemedIcon CollapseAll Screen Gray

Expand All/ Collapse All
Ctrl+NumPad Plus/ Ctrl+NumPad Minus

Expands/collapses all nodes in the current tab.

icon autoscroll from source

Autoscroll from Source

When this button is pressed, items in the window are highlighted according to the position of the caret in the editor editor.

icon autoscroll to source

Autoscroll to Source

When this button is pressed, source code in the editor editor is scrolled according to the items selected in the window.

Title bar context menu and buttons

You can right-click on the window title bar and use the context menu to configure its viewing mode, associate the window with a different tool window bar, or resize and hide the window.

You can also use the toolbar buttons:




icon expand all on title barCtrl+NumPad Plus

Use this button to expand all nodes in the current view.

icon collapse all on title barCtrl+NumPad Minus

Use this button to collapse all expanded nodes in the current view.

icons general gearPlain svg

Click this button to access a subset of the context menu commands that let you configure window's viewing mode.

icons general hideToolWindow svgShift+Escape Use this icon or shortcut to hide the tool window.

When used in combination with the Alt key, clicking this icon hides all the tool windows attached to the same tool window bar.

Last modified: 21 December 2018

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