JetBrains Rider 2021.1 Help

Run anything

JetBrains Rider provides a single entry point for running run/debug configurations, scripts, and so on — Run anything.

Run Anything is a quick way to launch run/debug configurations, open recent projects, and run commands. It also helps you use proper command syntax by generating suggestions as you type. When you call a command, Run Anything delegates the further work to the appropriate tools.

Open the Run Anything popup

Press Ctrl twice.

Start a run/debug configuration

  1. Start typing the run/debug configuration name and select it from the suggestions list:

    Start run/debug configurations from the Run Anything popup
  2. To debug a run configuration, hold Shift when launching it.

Open a recent solution

You can also quickly reopen a recent project from the Run Anything popup. Search for the project by the name or type open to shorten the list of suggestions, then select the required project from the list, and press Enter:

Opening a recent project from the Run Anything popup
Last modified: 22 June 2021