JetBrains Rider 2021.2 Help

Integrate to branch info view

This view is available after running integration with the Run status after update setting specified. The view displays a list of files or packages affected by the latest integration. The items are displayed under the following nodes:

  • Modified

  • Merged

  • Not in repository

  • Locally added


Tooltip and shortcut


Icons actions group by package

Click this button, to group information within nodes by packages. If the button is released, files are presented in plain lists.

Icons actions expandall

Ctrl+NumPad +

Click this button to expand all nodes.

Icons actions collapseall

Ctrl+NumPad -

Click this button to collapse all nodes.

Icons actions close

Click this button to close the view.

the Help icon



Open a browser and show the corresponding help page.

Last modified: 14 September 2021