JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Add files to a local Mercurial repository

After a Mercurial repository for a project is initialized, you need to add the project data to it:

  • If you have specified enabled Mercurial for your project, JetBrains Rider suggests putting each new file under Mercurial control during the file creation.

  • You can add all unversioned files to Mercurial control or select files to add.

Add all unversioned files to Mercurial

  1. Open the Commit tool window .

  2. Right-click the Unversioned Files node and choose Add to VCS from the context menu.

  3. Click Commit or press Ctrl+K.

Add specific file(s) to Mercurial

  1. Open the Commit tool window .

  2. Expand the Unversioned Files node, select the files to be added. From the context menu, choose Add to VCS.

  3. Click Commit or press Ctrl+K.

Specify the commit options

In JetBrains Rider, you can run commit checks, upload files to a server after the commit, or commit with advanced options.

  1. Open the Commit tool window and click Show Commit Options in the bottom-right corner.

  2. Select the necessary options:

    • In the Commit Checks area, select the actions you want JetBrains Rider to perform while committing the selected files to the local repository.

      The following options are available:

      • Reformat code: perform code formatting according to the code formatting rules.

      • Rearrange code: rearrange your code according to the file and type layout preferences.

      • Optimize imports: remove redundant import statements.

      • Check TODO (<filter name>): Review the TODO items matching the specified filter. Click Configure to choose an existing TODO filter, or open the TODO settings page and define a new filter to be applied.

      • Cleanup: batch-apply quick-fixes from code cleanup inspections. Click Choose profile to select a profile from which the IDE will run inspections.

Last modified: 06 March 2024