JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Chat with AI

Use the AI Assistant tool window to have a conversation with the LLM (Large Language Model), ask questions about your project, or iterate on a task.

AI Assistant takes into consideration the language and technologies used in your solution, as well as local changes and version control system commits. You can search for files, classes, and element usages.

Start a new chat

  1. Click AI Assistant on the right toolbar to open AI Assistant.

  2. In the input field, type your question and press Enter to submit your query.

    JetBrains Rider: Asking AI Assistant programming-related questions

AI Assistant keeps the chats during one IDE session. You can find the saved chats in the All Chats list.

Names of the chats are generated automatically and contain the summary of the initial query.

If you want AI Assistant to provide you with a bit more precise answers, you can enable the smart chat mode in Settings | Tools | AI Assistant.

Enable smart mode option in the settings

With this option enabled, AI Assistant might send additional details, such as file types, frameworks used, and any other information that may be necessary for providing context to the LLM.

Create file from snippet

You can create a new file with the AI-generated code right from the AI Assistant chat.

  • In the upper-right corner of the field with the generated code, click Create File from Snippet.

    Create File from Snippet action

    AI Assistant will create a file with the AI-generated code.

    If you have any file opened or selected in the Solution explorer Alt+1, the new file will be created in the same project as the selected file.

Last modified: 21 June 2024