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Coding Assistance in F#

Enable the F# Support plugin

This functionality relies on the F# Support plugin, which is bundled and enabled in JetBrains Rider by default. If the relevant features aren't available, make sure that you didn't disable the plugin.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open the IDE settings and then select Plugins.

  2. Open the Installed tab, find the F# Support plugin, and select the checkbox next to the plugin name.

Syntax highlighting

F# syntax highlighting uses the default font and color scheme that is applied to all languages and currently cannot be customized specifically for F#.

Default syntax highlighting:

JetBrains Rider: Syntax highlighting in F#

Configure default color and font settings:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S or choose File | Settings (Windows and Linux) or JetBrains Rider | Preferences (macOS) from the menu , then choose Editor | Color Scheme on the left.

  2. Change the settings under the General and Language Defaults nodes.

JetBrains Rider: Color settings

Code completion

Code Completion features help you write code faster by providing a set of items to complete based on surrounding context. For more information, refer to Code completion (IntelliSense).

Currently, only Basic code completion is supported in F#. It suggests namespaces, types, methods, fields, properties, and so on as you type.

JetBrains Rider: Code completion in F#

You can see the entire list of suggestions by placing the caret at the position where you're going to type your code (or on an existing member) and press Ctrl+Space.

JetBrains Rider: Basic code completion in F#

Code formatting

JetBrains Rider can reformat existing code in a selected F# file, fixing the following spacing violations:

  • space after comma

  • space after semicolon

  • space around delimiter

  • space before argument

  • space before colon

  • inconsistent indents

Open the file you want to reformat, then go to Code | Reformat Code or just press Ctrl+Alt+L.

Here is an example of a code fragment reformatted with JetBrains Rider.


JetBrains Rider: Reformatting F# code


JetBrains Rider: Reformatting F# code
Last modified: 11 February 2024