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Doxygen documentation

Doxygen-style comments can be placed across the source code and used for generating fully-fledged documentation in various formats.

JetBrains Rider includes the information from doxygen into the Quick Documentation popup Ctrl+Q:

Doxygen comments in Quick Documentation

Viewing doxygen documentation

Information from documentation comments is included in Quick Documentation popup in addition to the type information. To invoke the documentation popup:

  1. Place the caret at the desired symbol.

  2. Press Ctrl+Q.

Alternatively, when the checkbox Show quick documentation on hover ( File | Settings | Editor | Code Editing) is selected, you can just move your mouse pointer over the desired symbol.

Creating doxygen comments

To create a doxygen comment from scratch:

  1. Type one of the following symbols: ///, //!, /** or /*! and press Enter.

  2. You will get a stub to fill with the documentation text:

    Generate comments

You can also use the Document entity context action. If necessary, you can customize the comment stub by editing the doc live template that JetBrains Rider uses for generation.

Reliable rename

While renaming a function or its parameters, the documentation comments need to be updated accordingly. In case of the Rename refactoring Shift+F6, JetBrains Rider updates documentation comments along with other references.


Renaming example - before


Renaming example - after

Doxygen comments colors

To configure the colors that are used in doxygen comments, go to Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | C/C++ and open the Comments | Doxygen node:

Doxygen comments colors
Last modified: 03 April 2024