JetBrains Rider 2020.1 Help

Debug Unity Applications

JetBrains Rider allows you to debug Unity game scripts using all the power of the debugger, including conditional and dependent breakpoints, watches, expression evaluation, and so on.

Debug a Unity application

  1. Make sure the project you want to debug is opened in the Unity editor on the local or remote computer.

  2. In JetBrains Rider, open the corresponding Unity project solution.

  3. Set breakpoints in the scripts you want to debug.

  4. Depending on whether the Unity instance is run on a local or remote computer, do one of the following:

    • (Local) Select the Attach to Unity Editor run configuration and start a debugging session.

    • (Local, Remote)

      1. In the main menu, select Run | Attach to Unity Process.... If the Unity instance is running on a remote machine, in the opened window, click Enter address of remote process and specify machine's IP Address and Port for connecting to the Unity instance.

      2. Select the Unity process in the list and click OK.

  5. Run the application in the Unity editor.

Note that when debugging a Unity application, the debugger shows some extra data for Unity objects. For example, when looking at a Scene in the debugger, you will now see a list of root game objects, and each GameObject will show child game objects and attached components. ECS Entity objects will also show component data.

Debug Unity applications
Last modified: 5 June 2020