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MQ: 'project_name' Tab

This tab is only available if your project is under Mercurial version control.

It displays all patches and allows you to manage the Mercurial Queue.

You can drag-and-drop patches in the queue to change the order in which they will be applied.

Toolbar and Context Menu

ItemShortcutDescriptionAvailable from

Icons actions refresh

Reload from file


Use this command to refresh the list of patches from the series file.

Note that when you drag patches in the queue, the corresponding changes in the series file will only be saved when you switch to a different tab, or perform some other external action. This allows you to revert such changes by reloading from file.


Mercurial goto


Alt+Shift+GUse this command to apply the selected patch and all patches above it in the queue. The applied patches will become visible in the Repository tab and the changes will be registered in the working copy of the repository.


Context menu

Move and PushAlt+Shift+PUse this command to apply the selected patch without applying whatever other patches may be before it in the patch stack.


Context menu

Mercurial fold


Alt+Shift+DUse this command to merge the selected non-applied patch with the topmost applied patch, and remove it from the list.


Context menu

the Delete button


DeleteUse this command to delete the selected patch from the series fileToolbar
Apply PatchN/AUse this command to apply the selected patch. The Apply Patch dialog will be displayed where you can select which changes you want to restore.Context menu
Last modified: 14 September 2021