JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Navigate file by its structure

With JetBrains Rider, you can navigate the structure of the current document using the Structure window, which greatly simplifies navigation in large files. The window is synchronized with the editor: as you switch to another editor tab, the window displays the structure of the corresponding file.

Open and use Structure window

  1. Press Alt+7 or choose View | Tools Windows | Structure.

  2. The contents of the current document appear in a tree structure, that you can explore and navigate through the document. You can double-click any symbol to make the caret in the editor switch to the corresponding position.

  3. By default, the Structure window displays all files and members in the file as well as related members accessible in the context of the file, such as members from base types. However, you can hide specific kinds of items using filters. Click View Options on the window title and select the desired filters.

  4. If some parts of the code are surrounded by #region blocks, the regions appear in the file structure too.

  5. To synchronize the way you change caret position in the editor with the symbol highlighted in the Structure window, click Always Select Opened Element Always Select Opened Element on the toolbar.

  6. To synchronize symbols that you select in the Structure window with the caret position in the editor, click Navigate with Single Click Navigate with Single Click on the toolbar.

JetBrains Rider: Structure window

You can see the VCS status colors in the Structure tool window and the File Members popup if your project is under version control. It helps you track changes in files. The names of modified objects become blue, and the names of the newly added objects appear highlighted in green.

Right from the Structure window, you can access even more actions. To check available commands, you can right-click any symbol.

Last modified: 16 May 2024