JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Unreal Engine

On this page, you can adjust preferences that affect C++ code in Unreal Engine projects.

Code indexing

Index Unreal Engine source files

Clear this checkbox to skip indexing of the Unreal Engine code. Normally you want to do this if you notice any performance degradation when developing your game.

When the indexing is enabled, you will have a number of features. For example, use any symbols from the engine, and JetBrains Rider will automatically add missing #includes, or find usages of engine classes — for example, TArray<T> — in the engine's code and study how they are used there.

If the indexing is disabled, JetBrains Rider will still index header file names, which is very fast but it will let you have code completion for includes, for example, #include <unreal/SomeClassFromUnreal.h>. Once you include a header, its code will be indexed automatically, so you will have code completion and analysis for symbols from the included header.

Index third party code

Clear this checkbox if you want to skip indexing source files under the ThirdParty folder of the engine.

Index plugins

Clear this checkbox if you want to skip indexing source files under the Plugins folder of the engine.

Enable background indexing of Unreal Engine source files

JetBrains Rider indexes the engine code in the background by default, so that you can start working with your game logic code long before the engine code is fully processed. Turning off background indexing will result in a faster but more intrusive initial indexing.

Enable indexing of forced includes like C++20 header units

Use this selector to control caching of precompiled header files. When enabled, precompiled headers can be reused between several source files that include the same header file.

Project model

Use Unreal Engine project model (starting from 4.24)

Reading .uproject and other UE-specific project files allows JetBrains Rider to better understand plugin and module references, and to suggest only available and applicable items in the #include and code completion lists.

Regenerate project properties on configuration change

The Unreal Engine project model information is essential when you have different settings for various build configurations, targets, and platforms. You can switch between configurations and be sure JetBrains Rider will work properly for all of them.

Regenerate project properties on project files change

JetBrains Rider tracks Unreal Engine properties in real time and regenerates the project model as soon as you save any changes in .Build.cs, .Target.cs, .uproject, or .uplugin files.

Ignore precompiled header files

This option allows JetBrains Rider to only recognize symbols from explicitly included files and ignore anything imported by pre-compiled header (.pch) files. They will still be used for build if configured so.

Code completion

Suggest system headers in import completion inside game projects

By default, JetBrains Rider does not offer unwanted entities from system headers in auto-import suggestions. Select this checkbox to enable system header suggestions.


Enable Blueprints Support

With enabled Bleuprints support, JetBrains Rider reads Blueprint files and offers specific inlay hints and inspections to show the bigger picture behind your code.

Enable blueprint class highlightings

This option enables inlay hints for derived Blueprint classes and allows you to get the list of all inheritors from the context menu or Find Usages.

Enable blueprint function highlightings

This option adds Blueprint inlay hints for UFunctions and allows you to get the details about UFunctions implemented in Blueprints from the hint’s context menu.

Enable blueprint property highlightings

This option allows you to quickly check the state of a UProperty, including whether it has been overridden, and what value is set in the Blueprint file.

UnrealHeaderTool support

Enable UnrealHeaderTool inspections

JetBrains Rider will run the tool in the background as a separate process to check the file you are editing and show the same errors and warnings that you would normally see at compile time.

Treat Unreal Engine symbols as non-project in Search Everywhere/Go To

Matching symbols from the engine project will only be shown when no symbols are found in the game projects.


Suppress resolve errors of unqualified names in HLSL

This option is enabled by default to hide possibly false-positive warnings about unresolved symbols in HLSL.

Last modified: 09 April 2024