JetBrains Rider 2020.2 Help

Run JetBrains Rider for the first time

When you run JetBrains Rider for the first time, some steps are required to complete the installation, customize your instance, and start working with the IDE.

How to run

You can use the Toolbox App to run any JetBrains product. In case of a standalone installation, running JetBrains Rider depends on the operating system:

  • Find JetBrains Rider in the Start menu or use the desktop shortcut, if it was created during installation. You can also run rider.bat in the installation directory under bin.

  • Run the JetBrains Rider app in the Applications directory, from Launchpad, or from Spotlight.

  • Run the shell script in the installation directory under bin. You can also use the desktop shortcut, if it was created during installation.

For information about running JetBrains Rider from the command line, see Command-line interface.

Customize your JetBrains Rider environment

Follow the Customize JetBrains Rider wizard steps to configure your working environment to your liking, or skip these steps and keep default settings by pressing a corresponding button. In any case you'll be able to change the setting later.

  1. Select the user interface theme. You can choose between the light themes and the Darcula theme.

    Select the UI theme
  2. Choose the editor color schemes you feel more comfortable with:

    • ReSharper Light — a default ReSharper scheme

    • Visual Studio light — a Visual Studio alike scheme

    • Default — an IntelliJ IDEA alike scheme

  3. Choose the keymap (the shortcuts scheme):

    • Visual Studio keymap — a Visual Studio alike scheme

    • ReSharper keymap — similar to the "IntelliJ IDEA" scheme in ReSharper

    • Rider keymap — an IntelliJ IDEA alike scheme

    See the keymaps comparison table for Windows/Linux and macOS.

  4. Disable unnecessary default plugins.

    JetBrains Rider is shipped with a variety of plugins that provide integration with different version control systems and application servers, add support for various frameworks and development technologies, etc.

    You can disable the plugins you do not need to increase JetBrains Rider performance. If necessary, you can re-enable them later in the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S under Plugins.

    Click the Disable All link for each group of plugins to disable them all, or Customize to disable individual plugins.

  5. Get additional plugins.

    Download and install additional plugins (that are not bundled with the IDE) from the JetBrains Rider plugins repository:

Start a project in JetBrains Rider

On the Welcome screen, you can do the following:

  • Open an existing project

  • Check out an existing project from Version Control

  • Create a new project

Welcome screen
Last modified: 14 October 2020