JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Scrollbar and related features

One of the most basic ways to navigate the context of the current document is to scroll it. Besides traditional ways of scrolling with the mouse wheel and the scrollbar thumb, JetBrains Rider provides lots of related features that improve your scrolling experience.

Use shortcuts to scroll

In contrast to caret navigation and all other navigation shortcuts, scrolling shortcuts do not change the caret position.

  1. Press Ctrl+Down to scroll the document down.

  2. Press Ctrl+Up to scroll the document up.

  3. Press Ctrl+M to scroll the document so that the line with the caret is vertically centered in the editor frame.

View code outside the editor frame

To view code above or below the currently visible area, hover over the scrollbar. Click the scrollbar while hovering to jump to the first line displayed in the popup.

JetBrains Rider: Viewing code outside the editor frame

This behavior is enabled by default, but you can disable it by clearing the Show code lens on scrollbar hover checkbox on the Editor | General | Appearance page of JetBrains Rider settings Ctrl+Alt+S.

Error stripe is a sidebar integrated into the editor scroll bar . It can show the following items as individual markers:

Markers have different colors representing different kinds of corresponding items. Colors may vary between various color schemes, but you can configure error stripe colors for each item kind individually.

The position of a marker on the bar indicates the relative position of the corresponding item in the file. You can get popup tips for each item by placing the mouse pointer over markers, and you can navigate directly to relevant lines of code by clicking on them.

Error stripe
Last modified: 17 May 2024