JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Docker Registry settings

Specify the settings for accessing the Docker registry used to store and distribute Docker images.

Enable the Docker plugin

This functionality relies on the Docker plugin, which is bundled and enabled in JetBrains Rider by default. If the relevant features aren't available, make sure that you didn't disable the plugin.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open settings and then select Plugins.

  2. Open the Installed tab, find the Docker plugin, and select the checkbox next to the plugin name.

Docker Registry settings

By default, JetBrains Rider allows you to pull public images from Docker Hub. If you want to use a private repository, add a Docker registry and provide your account credentials.

the Add button Add

Add a new Docker registry.

the Remove button Delete Alt+Delete

Remove the selected Docker registry.

For each Docker registry, configure the following:


Specify the name for this registry configuration.


Select one of the available Docker registry types:

  • Docker Hub: specify your credentials to access private images in the main Docker registry at By default, JetBrains Rider can access only public images on Docker Hub.

  • GitLab: use the main GitLab registry at or specify a self-hosted GitLab registry.

  • JetBrains Space: use the Docker registry in your instance of Space.

  • Docker V2: specify any registry that supports Docker Registry HTTP API V2.

  • Generic: If other registry types don't work, add your registry as generic. You will not be able to browse and pull images in the Services tool window, but it will be possible to push images to this registry.

    For example, JetBrains Rider does not fully support the Quay image registry, but you can add it as a generic registry: create a repository on and specify as the address, your username and password.


Specify the URL of the Docker registry.


Specify the name of your user account in the selected registry.


Specify the password for your user account in the selected registry.


Specify the access token for the selected Docker registry

Azure Container Registry

JetBrains Rider supports adding an Azure Container Registry as a Docker V2 registry.

If you are using a temporary token for individual login with Azure AD, set the username to 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 and the password to the token returned by az acr login with the --expose-token parameter. Use these commands to log in to the Azure CLI and expose the token:

az login az acr login --name <azureregistryname> --expose-token

If you want to use an admin user account, enable it in the Azure portal or via the Azure CLI:

az acr update -n <azureregistryname> --admin-enabled true

You can set the admin username and password when configuring your Azure Container Registry.

Last modified: 11 February 2024