JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Hot Reload settings

On this page, you can configure the way Hot Reload works for making changes in running processes.

General settings

Enable Hot Reload when debugging (excluding Mono)

When this option is on, you can edit your code and continue debugging without restarting.

There are cases when modifying the code is not possible and a restart is required. These include changing signatures, modifying generic functions, renamings of any kind, and some more. If this happens JetBrains Rider will make you aware by showing a tooltip.

Automatically apply changes on step and resume

  • If this option is off, your changes will not be synchronized with the debugger when you step or resume the process, instead, you will need to apply your changes explicitly: click Apply changes on the editor banner that appears or choose Apply changes from the Alt+Enter popup.

    JetBrains Rider: Apply Hot Reload changes

    This approach is similar to the Hot Swap in Java debuggers. It lets you continue debugging regardless of your changes, and it works well when your changes do not affect the code you are currently stepping over.

  • If this option is on, all changes that you made when the process is paused in the debug session will be applied automatically as soon as you use one of the stepping commands or resume the process F9, but you will always be notified of the changes and be able to apply them explicitly:

    JetBrains Rider: Apply Hot Reload changes

    Note that the changes will be sent to the process before the debugger makes the next step or resumes the program. Therefore, the debugging session could be broken, for example if your changes lead to a build failure. This approach is similar to Visual Studio debugger. Although your changes can break the debugging session, it makes sure that the code in the editor is synchronized with the debugger at each step.

Enable Hot Reload when running without debugging (.NET 6.0 and later)

This option enables Hot Reload when you run code without debugging Shift+F10. If it is disabled, you can make any edits, but they will not be synced with the running application.


Enable XAML Hot Reload for Xamarin.Forms

XAML Hot Reload in JetBrains Rider works the same ways as in Visual Studio.

Last modified: 17 April 2024