JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Postfix Completion

On this page, enable and disable postfix templates for web languages and SQL, create new ones, and choose keyboard keys to expand them.



Enable postfix completion

  • Select this checkbox to have JetBrains Rider transform expressions with postfixes into other expressions by expanding postfix-specific templates. When the checkbox is selected, choose the postfixes to apply transformations to by selecting the checkboxes next to the desired postfixes in the list below.

  • When this checkbox is cleared, no template expansion is applied.

Expand templates with

From this list, choose the keyboard key that will invoke template expansion. The available options are: Tab, Enter, or the Spacebar.

List of available postfix templates

To enable or disable a template, select or clear the checkbox next to it. When you select a template, the right-hand pane shows its description and illustrates how it works by displaying the expression before and after the selected template is applied.

Custom templates can be copied, updated, and removed. For predefined templates you can only change their postfixes, for example to replace a long key with a shorter one, or to expand the list of expression types where a template can be applied.

  • To add a custom template, click Add button and create a new template in the dialog that opens.

  • To remove a template, select it in the list and click Remove button. Note that you can remove only user-defined templates, for predefined ones the icon is not available.

  • To edit a template, select it and click Edit button.

  • To copy a template, select it in the list and click Duplicate button.

Last modified: 17 April 2024