JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Typing Assistance settings: JavaScript

Use this settings page to configure typing assistance features in JavaScript.

For more information about JavaScript support in JetBrains Rider, see Languages and frameworks: JavaScript.

Automatically replace string literal with template string on typing '${'

By default, the checkbox is selected and string literals are converted to template strings automatically when you type ${. This behavior may break interpolation in your code, for example, in Vue.js templates.

Clear the checkbox to prevent breaking interpolation and preserve string literals.

Automatic replacement on typing '${' is on
Automatic replacement on typing '${' is off

Start template string interpolation on typing '$'

Select this checkbox to insert expressions with normal strings after the $ sign instead of adding curly braces {} automatically. For more information, refer to Expression interpolation.

Interpolation off
Interpolation on

Escape text on paste in string literals

By default, JetBrains Rider automatically inserts backslash escape symbols (\) when you paste text into a JavaScript string. Clear the checkbox to suppress automatic text escaping.

Convert HTML when pasting into JSX files (convert attributes, close single tags)

By default, when you copy a piece of HTML code with class attributes or on-event handlers and paste it into JSX, JetBrains Rider automatically replaces these attributes with React-specific ones (className, onClick, onChange, and so on.)

Transfer HTML to JSX

If the code fragment you paste contains a single tag, JetBrains Rider automatically adds a slash / at the end of it.

Transfer HTML to JSX: close single tags

To copy HTML code to JSX "as is", clear the checkbox or use Paste Simple Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V.

Escape JSDoc leading asterisks on copy and paste

By default, the checkbox is selected and a leading asterisk character (*) is automatically inserted when you paste a code fragment into a selection within a JSDoc comment.

In some cases, adding an asterisk in preposition may break formatting or make JSDoc comments hard to read. To suppress adding asterisks automatically on pasting code snippets, clear the Escape JSDoc leading asterisks on copy and paste checkbox.

Escape JSDoc leading asterisks on copy and paste is on
Escape JSDoc leading asterisks on copy and paste is off
Last modified: 26 May 2024