JetBrains Rider 2020.2 Help

Smart Paste

JetBrains Rider helps you automatically escape illegal characters in text that you copy/paste around your code.
If the pasted text contains characters that are illegal for the current context JetBrains Rider displays a popup suggesting to escape all illegal characters. To accept this suggestion, press Alt+Enter or press Esc to reject it.

For example, when you paste a piece of text that contains double quotes into a string literal, JetBrains Rider suggests to automatically escape all the quotes:

JetBrains Rider automatically escapes double quotes in pasted string.

Another example is pasting a piece of code with generics into an XML doc tag: JetBrains Rider will replace angle brackets with corresponding escape sequences.

JetBrains Rider automatically escapes angle brackets in pasted string.

When pasting text inside comments, JetBrains Rider will escape */ when pasted into multiline comments and replace newlines with indent and // or /// when pasted into line or XML-doc comments.

Last modified: 21 August 2020