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Unit Tests Coverage window

View | Tool Windows | Unit Tests Coverage

This window allows exploring coverage data obtained during unit tests coverage run. The window shows all code items from a coverage snapshot in a tree structure allowing you to inspect coverage of each item.

JetBrains Rider: Unit test coverage window

In the Coverage column, dotCover uses three colors to display the coverage status:

  • Green: the percentage of covered statements within the node.

  • Red: the percentage of uncovered statements within the node.

  • Grey: the nodes not covered during the test run as they do not have executable code statements.

Toolbar Controls

All Tests If selected, the tree shows aggregated coverage results from all unit test sessions.
All Tests in Active Session If selected, the tree shows coverage results for all unit tests from the session that is currently selected in the Unit Tests window.
Selected Tests in Active Session If selected, the tree shows coverage results for the test selected in the current session in the Unit Tests window.
Highlight codeHighlight code

Toggles highlighting of the code in the editor for the current coverage snapshot. For more information, see dotCover documentation.

Flatten NamespacesFlatten Namespaces

Toggles between flat and tree namespace representation. In the flat mode, all namespaces including child namespaces are shown in a flat list (on the same level). coverage snapshot as Saves the current snapshot to a .dcvr file. For more information, see
icon drop coverage results pngDrop coverage results

Removes the existing coverage results.

Export resultsExport coverage reports Allows you to export the test coverage report to one of the selected formats: HTML, JSON, XML, XML for NDepend.
Navigate from EditorNavigate from Editor Navigates you from a selected symbol in editor to this symbol in the coverage tree.
Last modified: 03 September 2020