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Blueprints Support

Blueprint files are written in binary form and are usually edited visually. Still, they contain a whole set of useful information for the developers of the C++ part of the game, since the Blueprint designers extend the baseline system implemented in C++ with Blueprint-specific markup. With all the Blueprint details, developers can avoid code changes that unexpectedly affect a game’s behavior.

JetBrains Rider reads Blueprints and offers hints and inspections to allow you to see the bigger picture your code:

Derived Blueprint classes

If there are derived Blueprint classes in your game, you can see the corresponding hint right in the code editor. To get the list of all inheritors, right-click the hint and select the derived classes option from the context menu or invoke Find Usages on a C++ class.

JetBrains Rider: Derived blueprint classes
UFunction implementations

You can get the details about UFunctions implemented in Blueprints from the hint’s context menu.

UFunctions implemented in Blueprints
UProperty states

You can quickly check the state of a UProperty, including whether it has been overridden, and what value is set in the Blueprint file.

UProperty states

You can also navigate to the blueprint objects from your C++ code.

JetBrains Rider also offers two inspections to let you know if there are inconsistencies between the Blueprint-specific function specifiers used in the code and the Blueprints themselves:

  • A UFunction with the BlueprintCallable function specifier is supposed to be used in a Blueprint, but no usages are found.

    BlueprintCallable function is never used
  • A UFunction with the BlueprintImplementableEvent function specifier is supposed to be implemented in a Blueprint, but no implementations are found.

    BlueprintImplementableEvent function is not implemented
Last modified: 17 April 2024