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Remote Procedure Calls

When analyzing your code, JetBrains Rider identifies Unreal Engine remote procedure calls (RPCs) by Client, Server, and NetMulticast specifiers in the UFUNCTION declaration statements.

JetBrains Rider checks whether Unreal Engine RPCs have the corresponding required _Validate and _Implementation functions and will highlight the RPC if at least one of them is not found. You can press Alt+Enter on the highlighting to generate the missing implementation stubs.

JetBrains Rider: UUnreal Engine remote procedure calls support

In the example above, the _Validate function is missing and JetBrains Rider will generate the following stub for you:

bool USCarryObjectComponent::ServerRotate_Validate(float DirectionYaw, float DirectionRoll) { }

From RPCs, you can jump to their _Validate and _Implementation functions from the Navigate To Ctrl+Shift+G popup, or from the Alt+Enter menu as shown on the screenshot above.

It also works for BlueprintNativeEvent: when the corresponding specifier is passed in UFUNCTION, JetBrains Rider can generate an _Implementation function for you, as well as navigate to it from the declaration.

You can use Rename and Change Signature refactorings on Unreal Engine RPC functions calls — the related _Validate and _Implementation functions will be updated accordingly.

JetBrains Rider: refactoring RPC function calls
Last modified: 26 May 2024