JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Update Project dialog (Mercurial)

In this dialog, select how you want to synchronize your local repository with the central storage.




Select this option to pull new changesets from the remote repository to the local one. This option can be deselected if the pull operation is performed by other means, for example via a script. The result is identical with that of running the hg pull command.

Update Strategy

In this section, select the synchronization method. This strategy will be applied to all Mercurial version control roots. The available options are:

  • Only Update: select this option to apply the update strategy. The local working directory will be updated to the latest available changeset. The result is identical with that of running the hg update command. It is recommended to select this option only if there are no conflicting changes or multiple heads, and if the latest changeset is a descendant or ancestor of the working directory's parent. Otherwise, the update operation will be aborted with errors.

  • Merge: select this option to apply the merge strategy. The latest changeset from the central repository will be incorporated into the current tip in your working directory. The result is identical with that of running the hg merge command.

    • Commit after merge without conflicts: select this option if you want to commit the resulting changeset after the merge operation has completed successfully.

  • Rebase: select this option to apply the rebase strategy. Your local changes will be detached, the working directory will be synchronized with the central repository, and then the local changes will be appended on top of the new remote changes.

Do not show this dialog in the future

Select this option to have JetBrains Rider update your project silently in the future using the specified update strategy.

To invoke this dialog before an update, open the the Version Control | Confirmation page of settings  Ctrl+Alt+S, and then select Update in the Display option dialogs when these commands are invoked area.

Last modified: 11 February 2024