JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Deployment: Mappings Tab

In the Mappings tab, specify the mapping between a project opened in JetBrains Rider, the folder under the server document root that shall correspond to this project, and the URL path to it.

The easiest way is to map the entire project root folder to a folder under the server document root. The project folder structure in this case will be recreated on the server.



Local path

In this field, the absolute path to the local project folder. JetBrains Rider automatically fills out this field with the path to the currently opened project.

Type the path manually or click Browse button and select the desired location in the Choose Local Path dialog that opens.

Deployment path

In this field, a folder under the server document root where JetBrains Rider will upload the contents of the project folder specified in the Local path field.

If a folder with the specified name does not yet exist on the server, JetBrains Rider will create it when you trigger project upload.

The field is not available for In-place server configurations.

Web path

In this field, the URL path configured for the folder specified in Deployment path. You can use a slash (/) to point to the root folder, or leave the field blank if the directory is not accessible from the web.

Add item

Click this button or press Alt+Insert to have a new line added to the list of mappings.

Remove item

Click this button or press Alt+Delete to remove the selected mapping from the list.

Last modified: 17 June 2024