JetBrains Rider 2023.3 Help

dotMemory Profiler

Use this settings page to configure the built-in memory profiler.

Workspace files location

The path to a folder where dotMemory will store saved workspace files.

Auto-delete unpinned workspaces that were not opened in last N days

The number of days workspaces must not be opened to qualify for auto-deletion.

Show unmanaged memory on timeline by default

Select this checkbox if you want dotMemory to show unmanaged memory on the timeline graph during a profiling session.

Use GPU for display (requires restart)

Select this checkbox if you want dotMemory to use GPU for rendering the contents of the dotMemory Profiler tool window and the Analysis editor document windows. Clear this option only if you have issues with the dotMemory user interface.

Last modified: 01 March 2024