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dotMemory Profiler window

View | Tool Windows | dotMemory Profiler

This window allows you to profile and analyze memory issues in .NET applications.

The dotMemory Profiler is a multi-tab window consisting of:

  • The Recent Workspaces tab used to open collected workspaces.

  • The Profiling tab used to control a profiling session.

Recent Workspaces tab

The Recent Workspaces tab is used to open previously collected workspaces. The tab contains a table with four columns each showing the corresponding workspace parameter: Last Opened, Name, Created, and Size.

To open a workspace, double-click it.

Profiling tab

JetBrains Rider: profiling controller

After you start a profiling session, the dotMemory Profiler window will be opened on the Profiling tab. The tab allows you to manually control the session using the buttons on the toolbar:

Toolbar Controls





Full allocation data

Choose between collecting full (On) or sampled (Off) memory allocation data.

Themed icon trash screen gray

Force GC

Force full garbage collection.

Icon detach profiler

Detach | Detach All

Detach dotTrace from the profiled process | processes, but keep the process(es) running. Not available when using the Tracing or Line-by-line profiling types. The snapshot is not taken.

Icon kill profiled app

Kill | Kill All

Kill the profiled process | processes. The snapshot is not taken.

Last modified: 31 July 2022