RiderFlow 2023.1 Help

Find Usages

One of the most useful features of JetBrains IDEs, Find Usages is also available in the Unity Editor. Right-click on an asset in the Project view and select Find Usages. You’ll see a tool window showing where the asset is used in scenes, other assets, and prefabs. Double-clicking the items will allow you to view their location, and there’s a preview showing the Inspector pane.

What’s more, if you right-click an asset and select Show Usages in Scene, RiderFlow will find usages of that asset in the current scene and visually highlight them while greying out everything else. The results are shown in the Scene view management toolbar and navigating between them is easy.

To stop highlighting usages, press Escape when the Scene view is focused or choose RiderFlow | Toolbar | Disable Show Usages Effect from the main menu.

Last modified: 09 October 2023