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Defining the Path to the Dummy Application

To define the path to the dummy directory

  1. In the Rails mountable engine project, open Rails run/debug configuration for editing. By default, Rails run/debug configuration is marked with the icon rails_icon_unresolved.
  2. In the Configuration tab, find the field Dummy app, which is enabled for Rails mountable engine projects. Click browseButton. Then, in the Select Working Directory dialog box, locate the directory test/dummy in your project structure, and click OK.

    Alternatively, you can type the fully qualified path to the test/dummy directory manually.

    In the other fields, specify the Rails server, and the other necessary settings. or accept defaults.


    The icon of the Rails run/debug configuration changes to rails_icon.

  3. Apply changes and close the dialog box.
  4. On the main toolbar, click runBuild. The Rails server starts as described in the section Running Rails Server.

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Last modified: 30 November 2016