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Creating JavaScript Unit Tests

RubyMine provides integration with JavaScript unit testing frameworks thus providing rich coding assistance for writing JavaScript unit tests. To get framework-aware coding assistance, download the desired framework, configure it as a RubyMine JavaScript library, and define its visibility and scope.

The visibility status of a library determines whether it can be used in one project (Project) or can be re-used at the IDE level (Global).

The scope of a library defines the set of files and folders in which the library is considered as library, that is, it is write-protected, excluded from check for errors and refactoring, but only affects the completion list and highlighting.

For details, see Configuring JavaScript Libraries.

To create JavaScript unit tests, perform these general steps

  • Create a folder test at the same level as the src folder.
  • Populate the test folder. For each production file, create a separate test file and name it as follows:
    <name of production file>.<Test>.js
  • Mark the folder where the tests are stored as test folder.
  • If necessary, have RubyMine detect and enable the required testing framework on-the-fly.

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Last modified: 18 July 2017