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Opening Files from Command Line

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Opening a file in the editor

RubyMine helps opening a file for editing so that the caret rests at the specified line.

To open a file for editing

  • In the command line, type the following:
    <RubyMine> <path1> --line <number> <path2>
    • <RubyMine> is the platform-specific product launcher
    • <path1> is the path to the project that contains the desired file
    • <number> is the number of the line, where the caret should rest
    • <path2> is the path to the file to be opened



RubyMine.exe C:\SamplesProjects\MetersToInchesConverter --line 3C:\SamplesProjects\MetersToInchesConverter\src\javascript\numbers.js


/Applications/ ~/RubyMineProjects/untitled45 --line 1 ~/RubyMineProjects/untitled45/sample.sass
Last modified: 18 July 2017