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RubyMine integrates with RubyMotion and helps create applications for iOS.


Make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • RubyMotion is downloaded and installed.
  • Xcode is downloaded and installed.
  • Ruby SDK version 1.9 is required.
  • macOS version 10.7 or higher is used.

RubyMotion support

RubyMine's support for RubyMotion includes:

  • Special project type:
  • Code completion:
  • RubyMotion console:
  • Rake-based run/debug configurations that are created automatically when an application is generated.
  • iPhone simulator
  • ObjectiveC debugger options.
  • Ability to debug applications directly on a device.
  • It is possible to run, debug and test macOS applications. RubyMine provides a run/debug configuration with the name "Run", which launches an application rather than the simulator.

    Note that RubyMotion 2.0 does not officially support macOS 10.6. It means that macOS application will not run on Snow Leopard.

  • Dedicated project type and ability to launch such a project with Android emulator.

    Note that for correct resolving, one needs to configure api_version in Rakefile, in the block Motion::Project::App.setup.

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Last modified: 18 July 2017