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Use this page to specify the version control settings to be applied to the directories of your project that are under CVS control.

Updating In this area, define the RubyMine behavior when merge conflicts occur during update from the server.
  • Show dialog - select this option to have RubyMine display a dialog box where you can examine, analyze, and resolve possible conflicts before updating.
  • Skip merging for all project or module files merged with conflicts - select this option to suppress updating files where conflicts occurred during merge.
  • Get latest repository versions silently - select this option to have your local files in question automatically updated with their latest repository versions.
Use read-only flag for not edited file Select this check box to have the read-only status assigned to a file automatically after the check out, update, or commit operations.
Show CVS server output Select this check box to have the server output of CVS commands displayed in the CVS Output tool window.
Default keyword substitution for text files Use this drop-down list to specify the keyword expansion mode. CVS uses the keyword substitution mode of a file to differentiate binary files from ASCII files and to indicate what type of keyword substitution is applied when files are committed and checked out.

The available options are:

  • keyword&value (-kkv)
  • keyword, value&locker (-kkvl)
  • keyword only (-kk)
  • original string (-ko)
  • binary (-kb)
  • value only (-kv)

Global SettingsClick this button to open the Global CVS Settings dialog box.
Last modified: 26 October 2017

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