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Injecting Ruby Code in View

View files contain markup and islands of Ruby code. Any text in view files will be perceived as Ruby code in the following cases:

  • In *.html.erb files, if such text is surrounded with <% and %> characters.
  • In *.html.haml files, if such text follows the equals sign. Besides that, Ruby strings are correctly interpreted if preceded with ==.

Thus, having inserted the enclosing characters in view, you can type Ruby code, enjoying the Ruby-aware syntax and error highlighting and all sorts of coding assistance:


To inject Ruby code in a *.html.erb view, do one of the following

  • Type the opening angle bracket <, press Ctrl+Space, and select % from the suggestion list:

    RubyMine automatically completes the closing characters. So doing, the caret rests in the next editing position within the <% and %> characters.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Period to insert both opening and closing characters.
  • Apply one of the surround templates, using Ctrl+Alt+T:
Last modified: 26 October 2017

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