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Insert, Delete and Navigation Keys

This section describes default mappings for the Insert, Delete and the navigation keys.

ShortcutFunctionUse this shortcut to...
Delete Delete Depending on the context:
  • In the editor: delete selected symbol/block.
  • In the Find tool window: exclude items from the search results.
  • In the Version Control tool window: delete an item from a changelist.
  • In other views: remove the selected item or items.
Down Move downMove the caret one line down.
End Move to Line EndMove the caret to the end of line.
Home Move to Line StartMove the caret to the beginning of line.
Insert Toggle Insert/OverwriteToggle Insert/Overwrite modes in the editor. The shape of the cursor changes according to the current mode.
Left Move leftMove the caret one character to the left.
Page Down Page downMove the caret one page up.
Page Up Page upMove the caret one page up.
Right Move rightMove the caret one character to the right.
Tab In the editor:
  • With any selection: indent selected line(s).
  • Without any selection: insert a tab symbol (or corresponding number of space.characters).

In a lookup list:

  • No code after the caret in the editor: select an item (like Enter)
  • Some code after the caret in the editor: select an item and replace the code after the caret with it.
Up Move upMove the caret one line up.
Last modified: 26 October 2017

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