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Markdown Support


RubyMine makes it possible to work with the Markdown files.

The Markdown files are marked with /help/img/idea/2017.2/markdown.png icon.


Before you start working with Markdown, make sure that the Markdown Support plugin is enabled. The plugin is bundled with RubyMine and is activated by default. If the plugin is not activated, enable it on the Plugins page of the Settings / Preferences Dialog as described in Enabling and Disabling Plugins.

Markdown Support plugin is bundled with RubyMine since version 2016.3.

Changes to the UI

With the Markdown Support enabled, the page Markdown appears in the Languages and Frameworks section of the Settings/Preferences dialog.

Note also, that Structure view shows the headings of the various levels:


Creating a Markdown file

To create a Markdown file, follow these steps

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Choose File | New on the main menu.
    • Right-click the target directory where the new file should be created, and choose New on the context menu.
    • Press Alt+Insert
  2. Choose File.
  3. In the New File dialog box, specify the new file name and extension .md.

The new file <name>.md, marked with /help/img/idea/2017.2/markdown.png icon, is created and opens for editing.

Markdown editor

The editor of a <name>.md file by default shows the following:


Click one of the links to get rid of the banner. It's recommended to choose the link Use JavaFX.

The editor is divided into two panes: the editor itself and the preview. Each of the panes can be hidden.

Editor pane

/help/img/idea/2017.2/bold.pngToggle bold modeInserts two asterisks before and after the selected text to render bold font.
/help/img/idea/2017.2/italic.pngToggle italic modeInserts underscores before and after the selected text to render italic font.
/help/img/idea/2017.2/code.pngToggle monospaced (code span) modeInserts single apostrophes before and after the selected text to render monospaced font.


/help/img/idea/2017.2/markdown_show_editor.pngShow editor onlyShows editor only with Markdown syntax.
/help/img/idea/2017.2/markdown_show_editor_and_preview.pngShow editor and previewShows editor with Markdown syntax and the corresponding preview. The results of editing are immediately reflected in the preview pane.
/help/img/idea/2017.2/markdown_show_preview.pngShow preview onlyShows preview that renders the Markdown syntax. Editing is not possible, and the buttons /help/img/idea/2017.2/bold.png, /help/img/idea/2017.2/italic.png and /help/img/idea/2017.2/code.png are disabled.
/help/img/idea/2017.2/autoscrollFromSource.pngAuto-scroll previewPress this button if you want to automatically scroll from the source code in the editor to the respective location in the preview.
Last modified: 26 October 2017

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