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Navigating to Action

RubyMine helps you quickly find the desired action, without digging through the menus and toolbars. The concept action covers the commands of the main menu and various context menus, commands performed through the toolbar buttons of the main toolbar and tool windows.

To find an action

  1. Choose Help | Find Action on the main menu or press Ctrl+Shift+A. The pop-up window that opens, shows the suggestion list of matching names. By default, this list includes the menu commands only. If you want to include the non-menu commands in the suggestion list, press Ctrl+Shift+A once more.
  2. Start typing the desired action name. As you type, the suggestion list displays the matching names of actions. The actions that are not valid in the current context are displayed gray.
  3. Double-click the desired entry in the suggestion list, or select it using the arrow keys and press Enter.

This way you can invoke the actions that are not mapped to keyboard shortcuts in certain schemes (for example, scroll to top, scroll to bottom, or Emacs actions, like kill rings, sticky selection, or hungry backspace).


These actions are not mapped to certain keyboard shortcuts, neither they appear in the menus. If necessary, configure keyboard shortcuts for these actions as described here.

Last modified: 26 October 2017

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