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File | Settings | Tools | Tasks for Windows and Linux
RubyMine | Preferences | Tools | Tasks for macOS
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Use this page to set up the general options for tasks and context management.

Changelist name formatType here the format of a changelist to be created. The available placeholders are:
{id},{summary},{number}, {project}
Task history lengthSpecify the number of tasks to be stored in history.
Connection timeoutSets the maximum time for a connection to be established. A value of zero means the timeout is not used. The default setting is five seconds (5000).
Always display task combo in toolbarIf this check box is selected, the combo box of tasks appears in the main toolbar. Use this combo box to switch between tasks, and remove the unnecessary tasks:

If this check box is not selected, then the tasks combo box hides, when the only open task is the default one.

Save context on commit If this check box is selected, a new task with the name of the committed changelist is created upon commit. The new task will be available in the tasks combo on the main toolbar.
Enable issue cache
  • Select this check box to have RubyMine synchronize with the issue tracking system in the background on a regular basis,

    No matter whether you actually request on information from your issue tracker or not, RubyMine will connect to your issue tracking system according to the specified frequency and refresh the cached issues. The advantage of this approach is that when you need to switch to a task, the up-to-date information is already at your disposal so you do not need to wait till RubyMine establishes connection with the tracker and retrieves the information.

  • Clear this check box to have RubyMine connect to the issue tracking system only when you actually need information on issues, clear the Enable issue cache check box.
Update (N) issues each (M) minutesSpecify how often RubyMine should synchronize with your issue tracking system and refresh the cached issues.
Last modified: 26 October 2017

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