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Testing Frameworks

RubyMine enables usage of the following testing frameworks:

  • Test::Unit is intended for unit testing and comes bundled with Ruby.
  • Shoulda is intended for unit testing, and becomes available in Ruby projects on attaching the shoulda gem. So doing, the Shoulda tests are added on to the Test::Unit framework.
  • RSpec. This testing tool supports BDD. RSpec becomes available in Ruby projects on attaching the rspec gem. For the Rails applications, rspec-rails gem is also required.
  • MiniTest becomes available on attaching the minitest-reporters gem. The minitests are added to the Test::Unit framework.
  • Cucumber. This testing tool supports BDD, and enables using features and scenarios written in a human-readable language, either English or any other language specified in the # language: comment. Cucumber becomes available in project upon installing and activating the cucumber gem.

Testing frameworks support

For each of the supported testing frameworks, RubyMine provides:

Refer to the section Testing for the detailed description of the common testing procedures.

Last modified: 26 October 2017

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