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Create Property Dialog

Alt+Enter | I18n String Value
Alt+Enter | Create Property
Alt+Enter | Create Missing Property

Use this dialog box to extract a hardcoded string to the selected locale, create missing property keys or values.

Locale FileSelect the target locale from the drop-down list. Note that the list of suggested target locales includes only those locales, where property key is missing. The locales where the property is declared, are not shown.
Property KeySpecify the property key for the "key-value" pair.

Basic code completion is available in the Property Key field. Press Ctrl+Space, and select the desired property key from the list of property keys detected in the resource bundle.


Type initial characters of the property key name to narrow down the list.

Property ValueSpecify the property value for the "key-value" pair.
Last modified: 19 January 2018

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