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Internationalization and Localization Support


i18n support with RubyMine falls into the following major aspects:

  • Internationalization, which involves extracting strings out of your source code and presenting them as properties that are further referenced in the source code.
  • Localization, which means translating these properties into the target languages.

Following the Rails i18n conventions, RubyMine stores dictionaries under the config\locales directory of a project. However, you can configure additional directories, where dictionaries will be stored. This is done in the i18n Folders tab of the Project Structure.

There are two ways of representing dictionaries:

  • YML files with locale record and key-value pairs.
  • Ruby files with Ruby hashes.

The locale files are recognized as the properties files and are marked with propertiesFile icon. So doing, all locales are logically merged into a single dictionary.

i18n-related features

RubyMine provides helpful features that simplify working on software internationalization and localization issues. These features are:

  • Dedicated storage location and automatic recognition of locales.
  • Code inspections that help detect i18n-related issues.
  • Quick fixes to extract hardcoded strings and create property keys.
  • Code completion Ctrl+Space in t() method.
  • Navigation to declaration of a locale keyCtrl+B.
Last modified: 1 August 2018

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