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PIK Support


  • pik is installed on your computer.
  • Ruby interpreters are installed.
  • RubyMine supports pik Ruby interpreters installed in the default pik folder ~/.pik only.


pik is intended for Windows!

RubyMine supports pik versions up to 0.3.0pre and 0.2.8.

At startup, RubyMine scans your ~/.pik folder, and automatically configures SDK's for each Ruby interpreter. The detected interpreters are shown in the Ruby SDK and Gems page of the Settings/Preferences dialog.

RubyMine also detects newly installed pik interpreters "on-the-fly". On reopening the Settings/Preferences dialog, you will find updates in the Ruby SDK and Gems page .

All the gems, installed apart from the default gems (that come with Ruby SDK, installed via pik) are visible.

Last modified: 1 August 2018

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