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Using RSync for Downloading Remote Gems


RubyMine enables you to download the remote gems in case remote interpreters are configured for the applications.


The application rsync must be installed on your computer!


rsync can be used on Windows systems, but is only available through the various ports (such as Cygwin).

To learn how to run bash on Windows, refer to the articles Run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows and Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview.


rsync is installed by default.


sudo apt-get -y install rsync

Downloading gems with RSync

No matter whether you use a prepared Deployment configuration or SSH credentials to set up a remote Ruby interpreter configuration, RubyMine makes use of rsync.

When setting up with SSH credentials, use one of the following values of the field Auth type:

  • Key pair (OpenSSH or PuTTy) (recommended)
  • Password: in this case, RubyMine emulates Terminal to use it. So doing, the command looks as follows:
    rsync -zarv user@host:/remote/path /local/path
Last modified: 1 August 2018

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